The Aim

You may be thinking: ‘Aw another one of these types of bloggers about Christianity….they are all the same…blah blah’. For now I am toeing the line a bit to grasp my bearings within this whole blogging phenomenon. But I believe God has placed this concept into my heart to reach out to someone out there needing God.

God placed the idea of doing a blog a long time ago. I was so weak in faith and wrapped in fear of rejection that I didn’t pursue it. But it hasn’t ever left me, it’s been at the back of my mind for ages, bothering me whenever I’m sitting at my laptop, it especially bothered me in church when there were talks about being fruitful in the spirit. Now I honestly don’t know how this blog will be received, I just know that God will use me as a tool to speak His words to whoever needs it.
I’m not going to set a regular time to post posts or discuss topics. When God communicates to me what is to be said, I will write.

I called this blog ‘Blossom into’. Now I called this because I know that’s what you do as you grow in life. You blossom into a more refined and mature character and set goals and targets ahead of you. Life becomes more purposeful. As you grow, God watches. He has things planned for you, but you will only know the goodness of His glory if you draw closer to Him. I hope God can use me to be able you to encourage you to be closer to God, so you can activate your blessings.

Blossom into…
People who strive to know God.

Gina x

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