The Centred Scripture

I was reading my bible the other day and I came across a verse that sums up all the points I am working on for the ‘Getting to Know God – A Young Person’s Perspective’ messages. Now I was trying to find scriptures on something totally unrelated to the messages, but here’s what I ‘stumbled’ across:

‘ How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word’ Psalm 119: 9

I say ‘stumbled’ but I know that God was using the bible at that time to speak to me. I love when God can just swerve your plans for the greatness of His will.
This is the verse you should all meditate on. When I say meditate, I mean reflect. Reflect on what it means to remain ‘pure’ in today’s society. What do you think it means to remain pure?…. Can you say your pure? What do you need to start doing to purse pureness?

All these questions, I believe, the Holy Spirit will answer. Pray on it, ask God to open your eyes to let you see impure ways so you can change. Open the channel of communication with Him.

This bible verse encapsulates the essence of all the six messages I am working on, especially the first one, which will be:
Making the conscious effort to know God.
Just reflecting on this verse and asking yourself the questions stated previously is making a conscious effort to invite God into your life to change you. Persist in seeking God so you can receive change. I need to do this myself. There is always room from growth and space for beneficial changes in our lives.

The ‘Making the conscious effort to know God’ message will be published soon.

Blossom into…
Children of God 🙂

Gina x

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